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Team CANDID welcomes all the IIT, NIT & Medical aspirants. We at CANDID INSTITUTE provide best Regular/Weekend Coaching for IIT-JEE (JEE-Advanced), JEE-Main , NEET etc. Apart from regular classroom coaching programs we have short terms crash courses for NEET, AIIMS, JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced. NEET, JEE-Advanced, JEE-Main coaching is available for XI, XII class students and Droppers (Repeaters).
We are renowned for our very high success percentage, personal care and ethics towards students. We believe strongly that every human have potential to do wonders if he/she is willing to do. Our role is to create a stong will amongst all the students and show them the right path to move on to achieve success. No doubt that Engineering/Medical entrance exams are hard nuts but can be cracked with focus, zeal, strong will and of course accurate guidance.
CANDID INSTITUTE offers REGULAR & WEEKEND Coaching classes for NEET | AIIMS | JEE-MAIN | JEE-ADVANCE. We offer best and most exhaustive CRASH COURSES for NEET, JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCE. We have a variety of courses which have been specially been developed to crack highly competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS, JEE-MAIN & JEE-ADVANCE. NEET crash course, JEE-MAIN crash course and JEE-ADVANCE crash courses are ideal for giving finishing touch to your preparation. Taking care of the students who are at distant place and can not attend the regular or weekend classes, we have developed postal courses which are very effective for preparing for exams like NEET, AIIMS, JEE-MAIN & JEE-ADVANCE
To make the students used to online examinations, we are developing our own online testing system. In house students will be provided free online test series after online portal is developed.
We also offer weekend courses for students who are living in remote areas, these course do not leave them devoid of good coaching. In weekend course of JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, NEET and AIIMS we provide Sunday classes along with very effective study material.
Our postal courses are the best as are supported by the free online test series. Postal course include study material, question banks and online test series.
We are having strong desire for a super developed INDIA and we are trying to contribute towards the same by doing a quality work. We strongly believe that will is more important than the skill so, come to us with a will and achieve success.
Have a lustrous future.

Warm Regards.


NEET/AIIMS Regular Classroom Coaching for XII (10+2) moving Students.
JEE-MAIN/JEE-ADVANCED Regular Classroom Coaching for XII (10+2) moving Students
NEET/AIIMS Regular Classroom Coaching for XI (10+1) moving Students.
JEE-MAIN/JEE-ADVANCED Regular Classroom Coaching for XI (10+1) moving Students.
NEET/AIIMS Regular Classroom Coaching for Droppers (Repeaters).
JEE-MAIN/JEE-ADVANCED Regular Classroom Coaching for Droppers (Repeaters).

NEET Crash Course.
PAU-CET Crash course.
CET-GADVASU Crash Course for B.V.sc.
PAU-AAT Crash Course.