NEET Coaching for Droppers/Dropper's Course for NEET: Coaching for NEET after 12th

NEET Dropper Course is an year-long course specially designed for the students who have passed class 12th & have not appeared/Qualified NEET exam in the year of their 12th-grade exams and want to reattempt/reappear). Complete NEET syllabus is covered in this course.

NEET dropper’s/Repeater’s course includes exhaustive classroom sessions (6 hours/day) with mock tests and practice sessions. Practice assignments and worksheets are designed to retain, recall, and apply the concepts easily and accurately. The syllabus of both years is discussed. The course is strictly focussed on NEET. This course is also known as the NEET target course for droppers.


NEET Dropper's Course: NEET Coaching Classes for Droppers/Repeaters in Offline Mode.

Candid Institute's dropper/repeater batch for NEET can help you crack NEET and to get admission into your dream MBBS course. There are several options available for Droppers/Repeaters to prepare for the NEET exam. One such option is joining a dropper batch. A NEET dropper batch is a specialized course designed for students who are taking a gap year and preparing for the exam again. These batches are tailored to meet the specific needs of NEET droppers and help them improve their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

Dropping a year for the preparation for NEET is a challenging decision for any student. However, it is a wise decision as giving a year for the career of choice is not a waste but rather an investment. If the student has identified his/her weaknesses and is willing to put in the required hard work and dedication, NEET can be cracked easily.

The reason for the failure of students in cracking any exam is a lack of command over concepts, recalling power, accuracy, and speed. Students can gain recalling power, accuracy, and speed only if his/her concepts are clear and that need personal attention. Doubt elimination and removing wrong concepts can polish students and add to their potential. Some Details of about NEET Dropper/Repeater batch are as follows:


Sankalp-NEET: Offline NEET Target Courses for Droppers/Repeaters

1 Year offline Classroom NEET Course for droppers/12th Passed Students. This is Exclusive and Best NEET coaching Program for NEET Droppers

Syllabus to be discussed:
Whole NEET-UG syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and, Biology.

Course Path:
Course will have  3 phases, overview of these phases is as under:

1. Whole NEET-UG syllabus will be discussed at a decent pace so as to clear concepts & eliminate wrong concepts in mind.
2. Chapter wise Practice Assignments.
3. Regular Chapter wise/Combined Minor tests.

1. Rapid revision of whole syllabus.
2. Massive Practice.
3. 20 Full syllabus Mock Tests.

Crash course for average performers in full syllabus mock tests. Students whose performances are above average or even better have customized schedules to eliminate their weaknesses.

Class Frequency and Course Duration:
Regular Classroom sessions will be conducted 5 days/week (6 Hours/Day).
Course will continue till NEET-UG exams.

Sankal-NEET, The dropper's Batch is one year Target classroom coaching program for NEET-UG. Methodology includes, Study material, TWS, Practice assignments, and Tests are well coordinated offline classroom sessions. Main focus of this course is to replace the wrong concepts with correct concepts and eliminate the causes because of which candidate couldn't achieve its desired goal. We offer Study material and, Parctice assignments in most refined and errorless from. Our classroom sessions have an emphasis on important topics.Test timings, level of questions, and the number of questions, the OMR sheet, everything is on the NEET pattern. We try our level best to inject the the concepts in the sub concious mind mind of student for spontaneous/quick response.

The specialty of the course:
01. NEET syllabus of class 11th is revised free of cost. Revision of 11th stars from 1st week of June and are conducted on weekends.

Experienced Faculty:
Candid institute have experienced faculty members who have a strong academic background in the respective subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology for IIT-JEE (JEE-Mains and JEE-Advanced)/NEET . All faculty members have a good understanding of the exam pattern, level and syllabus and can provide effective guidance to the students.

Comprehensive Study Material:
We provide comprehensive, well researched and most relevent study material that covers complete syllabus of IIT-JEE and NEET. The study material is designed to be easily understandable by the students and includes solved examples, Topic Work Sheets, practice questions, and previous year questions.

Scheduled Mock Tests:
We at Candid Institute conduct regular mock tests to help students evaluate their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses. These tests simulate the actual exam pattern and help students get familiar with the exam environment.

Personalized attention:
Small Batch size of 20 students/Batch ensures personalized attention to each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and helping them focus on their weak areas. They provide individual attention to students who need extra help in understanding certain topics.

Doubt-clearing sessions:
We conduct doubt-clearing sessions on regular basis to help students clear their doubts related to any topic. These sessions are conducted by experienced faculty members and provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real-time. Doubt sessions are taken by the same subject teachers who take regular classes.

Use of Technology in Teaching:
We use technology based teaching methods like online classes, video lectures, and interactive sessions to make learning more engaging and effective.

Motivational Sessions:
We at Candid Institute conduct motivational sessions to help students stay motivated and focused on their goals. These sessions are designed to inspire and encourage students to work hard and achieve their dreams.

Parent-Teacher Interaction:
We keep parents informed about their child's progress through regular parent-teacher interaction. We welcome feedback on the child's performance and suggestions to improve their performance.

Reserve Your Seat for Free
Your seat will be reserved for 3 days only.

Offline Sessions

Teacher-Student interaction is most important for efficient learning and there is no better alternative than face to face interaction. Our offline sessions are conducted by Highly experiend subject experts to produce best results.

TWS/Study Material

Candid Institute has prepared best Study Material Topic Work Sheets (TWS) strictly according to level and syllabus of NEET which will certaily be benefical in the understanding and clarification of topic/out of the box tricky problems.

Home Assignments

We are working on developing question banks of accurate, productive and most expected questions since 2004. Our assignments contain lots of most expected question, brain teasers and questions which make you learn.

Mock Tets

Preparation for prestigious exams like JEE-Mains, IIT-JEE (JEE-Advanced), and NEET is incomplete without regular mock tests. Scheduled and well-prepared mock tests in synchronization with the syllabus and level of the exam are a tradition in the candid institute.

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